Sunday, January 24, 2016

8 Easy Ways to Shed Weight for Race Season Part 1

1. Keep A Food Journal: 

The benefits of keeping a food journal point to the obvious: it allows you to identify the source of "empty" calories, you can track your micro and macronutrients, and it allows you to keep an eye on portions of food. Another benefit of this practice: if you keep a detailed food journal, you may begin to track emotional eating as well - a well-known culprit that gets in the way of weight loss.

2. Identify Culprits of Weight Gain:

After you've done the work of keeping a food journal, you've likely identified the culprit of weight gains. For many, it's emotional eating. For others, it's turning to sugary or fried foods when tiredness and fatigue sets in. Or maybe, it's just bad habits such as eating late at night, which not only leads to weight gain, but it's also is hard on the digestive system and can cause GI issues. All this information is very important as you begin your weight loss and training journey.

3. Plan Ahead:

When you've identified your own personal culprits of weight gain, you can then begin a plan to avoid the common pitfalls. If it's late night eating, maybe try reading a book, watching TV, taking a shower or sipping caffeine-free tea. If you fall prey to eating unhealthy foods when you're busy, plan ahead by creating a weekly meal plan and finding fast-food restaurants that serve healthy options. Thankfully, there are many fast-food restaurants who are offering more extensive and healthy menus. There are also many pre-made meal service companies who cater to those who are busy but seek nutritious food.

4. Ease Into It:

Yes, race season is right around the corner and if you've taken the off-season literally or you're just starting out in endurance sports, you may have an inclination to go to extremes with your diet to get in shape. Going to extremes, however, can spell failure and put the body into a bit of shock. Drastically reducing calories and increasing miles too quickly is not sustainable. Ease into it not only with the diet, but also with your training; going to extremes can take the fun right out of the entire process. Remember why you were attracted to endurance sports in the first place. For most of us, it has to a lot to do with enjoyment of the sport and good health. If these two items are falling to the bottom of the list in importance, it's time to ease up a bit.

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